Semi-permanent Makeup vs. Microblading

'Microblading' seems to be very popular in the media at the moment.  While both are forms of micropigmentation (the process of implanting pigment into the skin), the techniques, results and process are quite different. 

Semi-permanent Makeup  Involves using a specially developed medical and cosmetic tattoo machine and needles, specifically for this purpose. The pigment is implanted around 1.5-2mm into the layers of the skin. There are a variety of needles and techniques available with machine work, from super fine natural hair stokes, through to soft ombre powder brows and bolder full powder brows. Some clients choose to have a combination brow - with hair strokes at the front, going through to a powder effect in the full body of the brow.  Typically you can expect to have a re-touch up at around 1.5 - 2.5 years. 

Microblading is a technique that involves using a hand held tool, which has micro blades attached to it. The technician creates fine hair strokes in the skin by slicing the blades in a hair stroke motion. Pigment is implanted at a much more superficial level into the layers of the skin. Typically you can expect to have a re-touch around 12 -24 months. 

Each of these treatments has its benefits; the best thing to do is discuss your requirements with your technician. We will be able to tell you whether you are suitable for semi-permanent eyebrows or microblading. 

Eyebrow Shading/Ombre Shading/Powder Shading

Are they permanent?

They are semi-permanent and not permanent.  However, you need to treat them as if they are permanent; there is no exact science as to how long they will last. As a guide, they can last anywhere between one to five years before needing a color boost. Factors that contribute to how long they last are your initial skin coloring, skin type, aftercare and lifestyle.   

Who are semi-permanent eyebrows suitable for? 

Clients choose to get semi permanent makeup for many reasons. For some it could be that they simply don't want to have to do their eyebrows every day! Others may want to work out, without worrying about having their makeup come off of their face while working out. So there's no doubt that semi permanent makeup is a great timesaver—would you like to have an extra 30 minutes in bed in the morning? Then this treatment is for you! 

It may also be a surprise to know that many clients have semi permanent eyebrows as a result of a medical condition or treatment.  This is a great option for clients going through chemotherapy, clients with alopecia and also those with thyroid disorder (at times hair tend not to grow).  Also, as we age, hair growth tends to slow down and the brows can thin.  It's possible to create really natural brows using either natural hair strokes, or a very soft and gentle ombre powder brow.  Semi permanent eyebrows can look so natural no one will ever know they aren't real!