An Advanced Form of Tattooing

The laymen can definitely attribute this procedure as an advanced and updated version of tattooing but on the scalp. This treatment offers the look that resembles a shaved head, and finer needles are used to complete the treatment, inserting them at a shallower depth.

What can people expect?

Though you can’t expect to get the mass and texture of hair, it is guaranteed that the fresh and new look would alleviate your esteem. The procedure is not painful and only a tingling sensation is felt while this is carried out. Painless, cheaper and permanent, this is a magical solution to baldness today.

How Safe is a Scalp Tattoo for Hair Loss?

Hair loss has always been quite a plague for men and there are not many budget options available. While some go for hair treatment that lasts forever and may or may not show any signs of progress, others try different things like spray cans and artificial substances to cure bald spots. However, in most cases, these tries remain unsuccessful and people continue to feel embarrassed and lose their confidence over time. However, a new method that prescribes scalp tattoo hair loss is fast gaining popularity as an effective means of tackling this condition, both in terms of the pocket and hair.

But like anything that starts spreading its roots into the soil of cosmetic civilization, there are plenty of doubts regarding this method as well and many feel that it might even not be safe enough. This blog looks to explain the whole process and the idea of safety to make sure that people are not swayed by false claims and negative propaganda that is always a big part of other contemporary treatments.

What does the process entails?

Scalp micropigmentation is done by expert professionals of body ink technology that use their art and science to fill up bald sports and in extreme cases create 3D hair follicles design that makes one look like they have had a buzz cut. It is preferred by many because of its minimum invasive method and strikes a chord with hair loss patients that would like to strengthen their face shape with strong angular or natural hairline.

Why do people think that it might not be safe?

That is something that even scalp micropigmentation pros wonder. Getting a treatment of tattoo for hair loss is no different from getting an actual tattoo, other than the fact that it needs even more precision than drawing entertaining things on someone else’s body. In fact, there is almost no invasion and surgical procedure involved that would mean otherwise. The only thing that one needs to keep in mind is that they should ensure that the procedure is conducted with new and sterile needles like any other surgical procedure. That is all the risk involved.

Should you get it done for your hair loss treatment?

Yes, if you want a lasting result and also an affordable solution, scalp micropigmentation can be a good alternative treatment to hair loss. With only a few sittings, you could have a look that only people with a full head of hair can afford and the method claims a 100% success rate, something that no other procedure of hair loss treatment can guarantee. It is no wonder that more and more people today are opting for it over medication and surgical grafting.

Now that you have a fair idea about the procedure and its safety mechanisms, there is no reason for you to wait any longer if you do want to go through. Contact us for details!