Testimonial: Microblading Experience at InkCredible Outcomes

*Name withheld for privacy.

My first appointment

“Any nerves I had were quickly dissipated; my technician, Sian, made me feel completely at ease and I found that chatting to her both before and during the treatment helped to take my mind off of any potential fears. Just like any treatment, the more relaxed your body is, the more comfortable it will feel. We began by discussing my current brows vs. my dream brows; I wasn’t wearing any make up so I showed Sian some photographs of how I ‘do’ my eyebrows and I said that I wanted them to look ‘done’ without looking completely fake. Sian worked her eyebrow science and quickly measured and mapped out where my brows should begin and end, then drew them on in lots of detail and precision so that I could see exactly what the finished product would look like.

When the treatment began I was more surprised by the noise than the sensation. It’s similar to someone ripping paper very close to your ear, or a little like the sound that a fine tooth comb makes if you run it along your finger. As someone with sensitive eyes, the thing I actually found most uncomfortable was the bright light which made my eyes water (I cry at the dentist for the same reason – ha!). Once the initial stage was over, the skin was broken and the numbing cream re-applied I could’ve actually had a little nap. In fact, I think I probably did because the appointment seemed to fly by. By far the worst moment, which thankfully lasts for maybe 20 seconds tops, was the application of the final layer of pigment.

And just like that, after about 20 minutes or so, we were done. I sat up, was handed a mirror and genuinely gasped. I could not believe how incredible they looked, nor that they were actually MINE on MY face. They explained the aftercare process and I skipped on my merry way…”

Day One

“That afternoon, as the numbing cream wore off I got a bit of a headache and took a couple of ibuprofen. Making any kind of expressive brow movement felt quite uncomfortable; I had the girls round that evening and my catchphrase of the night was “Stop making me laugh!” I had been warned that for a few days after the appointment they would be dramatically dark and sent a full Aftercare 101 guide from my technician. They pressed just how important the aftercare is, in fact she said it’s as important, if not more so, than the treatment itself. She could do the most amazing job but if you don’t look after them religiously for those first 10 days then it’s worthless. No pressure.”

Day Five

“Halfway through the recovery and I was finding the aftercare surprisingly easy. In fact, it is easy. Don’t get them wet, don’t touch them and apply coconut oil with a cotton bud 2-3 times per day to keep them hydrated. Simple! The most frustrating part by far was being unable to give my face a quick wash; instead I used my usual cleanser and applied it avoiding my brows. Every evening I used a baby wipe to very, very gently wipe my brows and remove any coconut oil build up or bacteria.”

Day Seven

“I had been warned that as they scabbed they were likely to flake but was pleasantly surprised by how limited this actually was. I hadn’t particularly been looking forward to walking around looking like I had gone moldy. At around day 7-8 they began to scab which was a little itchy and I really had to resist the temptation to pick. Instead, I slathered them with my new BFF, coconut oil, and powered through.”

Day 10

“My brows had healed and any scabbing had stopped, but I waited another couple of days before washing my face properly, just to be on the safe side. By this point they looked much lighter than what I wanted but thankfully they had warned me that this would happen, so I didn’t panic.”

Day 14

“About two weeks after the treatment I felt like my brows were officially ‘done’ and I started cleansing my face as normal again. They looked amazing but I did find that with a full face of makeup they weren’t quite as dark as I’d like, so I was applying a tinted brow gel. Having got used to my new set, I was really excited for my touch up appointment so that I could ask them to make them a little more dramatic.”

My second appointment

“This time there were no nerves because I was fully prepared for the treatment. They was really impressed with how well I’d looked after them (gold star for me) and I explained how I wanted them a little darker and perhaps a tiny bit fuller, now that I’d got used to the shape. The purpose of the touch up appointment is to ensure that your brows have healed properly and that they are 100% what you want. I was in and out in now time at all with solid 10/10 brows and another 10 days of aftercare (at which I am now a pro).”

I am a total convert. The treatment is not cheap and I was grateful to be invited to try it out to share with you all, however I will absolutely be paying them to redo them in around a years time. They are an investment but the time (and money on products, waxes and tints) it saves is well worth it in my eyes. I would absolutely recommend InkCredible Outcomes; they were incredibly professional, the clinic itself is clean and relaxing. I felt well looked after and completely informed the whole time.