How Does Medical Tattooing Work?

Medical tattooing is a tattooing technique that inserts pigment into the skin with a single-use fine needle, into the chosen procedure site. In this technique, the pigment is only implanted into the upper dermal layer. From my experience, if pigment is implanted into the skin as deep as normal body art tattoos are, the colors will not be true enough to mimic traditional makeup, which is important to consider when covering up scars. Pigment is then blended to the skin tone. Several different colors may be blended to build up the skin, to create natural looking skin tones and give the appearance of a natural finish. Freckles may also be implanted to match the patient’s normal skin area.

It is very important to remember that this procedure will camouflage the patient’s scar, not make it disappear.

The idea is to make the scar less noticeable and not have the eye drawn to it immediately. The result will also depend on the severity of the scar and may take more than one session.