Areola Reconstruction/Repigmentation

Using advanced techniques in the medical tattooing field, it is now possible to create incredibly realistic areola and 3D nipples. Prescribed pigments are used to create the perfect color and look for you. 

This treatment is still relatively unknown, but in our experience really has made such a difference to our patient’s confidence. Areola and Nipple tattooing is suitable for the following patients; 

  • Post breast reconstruction surgery, following either a major lumpectomy or single/double mastectomy

  • Post breast augmentation, where the areola and/or nipple has been moved or removed

  • Those with uneven areola's that wish to gain more symmetry 

  • Post transgender surgery 

If you have scarring that you would like to improve the appearance or feel of as a result of your surgery, please let us know.  We can offer scar improvement treatments that will significantly improve your scars and this may need to be carried out prior to your areola tattooing.