Aftercare For Your Medical Tattoo

Aftercare for any medical or cosmetic tattooing procedure is very important. After the procedure, We provide full aftercare instructions on short-term and long-term care. The aftercare is the same for all procedures. Instructions on dressing the area may vary.

Short-term Care

We advise patients to do the following for the first five to seven days after the procedure:

  • Keep the treatment area moist with aftercare ointment, and apply three times per day minimum. Be mindful about not double dipping into the ointment to prevent cross contamination.

  • Do not get the procedure site soaking wet for five to seven days and be careful when showering or washing hair.. Pat dry with a tissue and then reapply the ointment.

  • Do not pick, peel or scratch the treatment area. This could result in pigment loss or infection, or worse, scarring. If patients really do get an uncontrollable urge to itch, a light pat to the treatment area with clean hands may help or I advise to apply more balm to lessen the tightening feeling of healing skin.

Long-term Care

After the initial seven days of healing, patients will need to use a strong SPF to protect the treatment area from fading too quickly. Once a month, We advise to check the healing of the procedure site and apply more ointment  if need be. In our experience, tattooed skin tends to be drier, so applying some balm will ensure maximum longevity for the treated area. If patients regularly swim, I advise to apply petroleum jelly over the treatment area to protect it from the chlorinated water. Chlorine can also fade the enhancement faster. Patients should inform you if they are having a chemical peel or laser procedure as these can also fade enhancements more quickly. A full four weeks in-between having a cosmetic tattoo and a peel/laser treatment should be left so the skin is given time to heal.